Fixed-Line Residential Plans

Oz Complete

  • $30.95 /month
  • Local Calls: 20c per call
  • STD Calls: 18c per minute
  • STD Cap: $2 for 3 hours
  • Mobile Calls: $0.33c per minute
  • Mobile Cap: $2 for 20 min to networks in Aus.
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Oz Reach

  • $46.00 /month
  • Local calls: Unlimited
  • STD Calls: $1 per call, untimed
  • Mobile Calls: $0.33c per minute
  • Mobile Cap: $1.00 for 20 mins to networks in Aus.
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Oz Unlimited

  • $92.00 /month
  • Local Calls: Unlimited
  • STD Calls: Unlimited
  • STD Cap: Unlimited
  • Mobile Calls: Unlimited to any/all networks in Aus.
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Which plan is right for you?

1. Oz Complete

Great rates across the board on all local, STD & mobile calls. Perfect for those receive more calls than they make, with flat rate 20c local calls & great capped STD calls to help keep your phone bill affordable.

2. Oz Reach

Unlimited calls to local numbers & $1 untimed STD calls make this the perfect plan for anyone who makes a lot of calls within their local area, with STD & mobile calls capped at excellent rates for added value.

3. Oz Unlimited

Have a lot of people to keep in touch with? With unlimited local, STD mobile calls to any/all networks in Australia, our Oz Unlimited plan gives you unlimited talk time for an unbeatable rate. Say goodbye to hefty phone bills.

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Terms & ConditionsClick below for Important Information

Direct Debit Customers receive $1 per month discount.

Fair Use Policy applies

Once cap limits are reached standard rates apply

Rates are Billed in per minute blocks

Connection fee applies to calls charged on a timed basis (STD, Mobile & International)

Call caps include connection fee for timed calls